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Whistling Hare is dedicated to making the finest craft spirits in Colorado. We make every effort to use locally-sourced ingredients so that every drop is truly the pride of the Rockies.


Limited Edition Bourbon

The first in our series of Limited Edition Bourbons. We nicknamed this one the "Double Barrel Bourbon". A mash of 65% yellow, white, and blue corns blended with equal parts rye and malted barley. Aged in twin barrels for 1 year and proofed to 90, providing a smooth, warm, well-rounded bourbon perfect for both mixing and sipping.

Blue Corn Bourbon

Our signature Blue Corn Bourbon is hand crafted from grain sustainably farmed at the base of Sleeping Ute Mountain in southwest Colorado. The blue corn creates a uniquely smooth bourbon with notes of almond, vanilla, and dark cherry. Our current offering has been aged one year in new, American oak barrels and is proofed down with Rocky Mountain water

Blue Corn Vodka

Our exceptionally smooth vodka is made from 100% blue corn, resulting in a flavor profile that stands out against the traditional, tasteless vodkas. There is a distinct character of grain, with a smooth and subtle sweet finish. Our blue corn vodka is excellent on its own and adds a new character to your favorite mixed drinks.

Foothills Gin

Over a year in the making, our Foothills Gin is distilled using 11 different botanical’s with a base made from cane sugar. A playful and lively gin, you'll not only pick up juniper and pine flavors but also citrus, rose, lavender and chamomile. Perfect for hot summer days in a G&T and also holds its ground in a Negroni.

Amber Rum

Our amber rum is a wonderfully smooth spirit that is easily enjoyed on the rocks or mixed into your favorite rum cocktail for an added level of complexity. We age the spirit in new American oak, which gives it distinct caramel, vanilla and butterscotch notes that pair well with the sweetness of the organic molasses and organic cane sugar from which it is distilled.

White Rum

Our white rum is reminiscent of a full-bodied Caribbean style rum, that is easy to sip or mix in cocktails. Our recipe of premium molasses and evaporated cane juice gives the spirit a distinctive character, smoothness and versatility.