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Whistling Hare is dedicated to making the finest craft spirits in Colorado. We make every effort to use locally-sourced ingredients so that every drop is truly the pride of the rockies.


Blue Corn Vodka

Our exceptionally smooth vodka is made from 100% blue corn, resulting in a flavor profile that stands out against the traditional, tasteless vodkas. There is a distinct character of grain, with a smooth and subtle sweet finish. Our blue corn vodka is excellent on its own and adds a new character to your favorite mixed drinks.


We are moving toward creating a single malt, Colorado whiskey as our flagship bottle. While we age that to perfection you can enjoy seasonal offerings of other craft whiskies. Stop by the tasting room to try our latest rye, bourbon, single malt, or special mash and more.

Wine Barrel Rum

Our award winning, wine barrel aged rum is the pride of our rum fleet. After coming off the still it is aged over a year in French red wine barrels. A good rum is tough to find in the Centennial State but look no further than this exceptionally crafted and delicately aged spirit. It goes well with pretty much everything but we recommend on the rocks with good conversation.

White Rum

Our white rum is reminiscent of a full-bodied Caribbean style rum, that is easy to sip or mix in cocktails. Our recipe of premium molasses and evaporated cane juice gives the spirit a distinctive character, smoothness and versatility.

Amber Rum

Our amber rum is a wonderfully smooth spirit that is easily enjoyed on the rocks or mixed into your favorite rum cocktail for an added level of complexity. We age the spirit in new American oak, which gives it distinct caramel, vanilla and butterscotch notes that pair well with the sweetness of the organic molasses and organic cane sugar from which it is distilled.